A slice of Time


January 2020, I made it through Christmas,  For Real.

The holidays have always been traditionally tough for me. I would suspect some of that has to do with my father, he was many things, most of them good. But the one bad, he was an alcoholic. The other bad, my mom divorced him, when I was seven years old, and he left after the divorce. I would not see him again until I was sixteen. The other, has to do with my one of my three brothers, serving two tours in Vietnam in the USMC. Between the ages of 7 to 12 years of age. These were some pretty vulnerable  times in my life, and the holidays exacerbated an already shaky family system.

So fast forward to this Christmas, and I decided I would get creative with music, and pictures. Pictures of the iconic Rock & Roll musicians, that I love. I grew up listening to their music, through concerts, LP’s, 8 Tracks, cassettes,  reel to reel, and then digital. Then back to LP’s, you get the picture. The other part of the pictures used, are of course my own. I am diffidently an amateur photographer. But I have inserted pictures of the ones I love, friends & family, and some favorite pics, that I am passionate about.

I decided I would take different slices of my life represented through pictures & music. The link on this page will take you to my first attempt at this slice of time.

The music these pictures represent, correspond with, the times, people, and places, in my life. I am, of course talking about the entire album, “ANYTHING MUSIC,” These were uploaded in December 2019. The slice is from December 2019 through January 2020.